Academy of Visions is committed to providing our students & clients with the resources needed to take their vision to the next level!!
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About Academy Of Visions 

Academy Of Visions is designed to help individuals, small businesses, and, organizations who are looking for resources to assist them with taking their ideas, business to the next level. Academy Of Visions offers a variety of courses and trainings to meet the unique needs of our students and clients 


About the Founder


LaQuinte' Brinson, affectionately known as Coach Q, is a Board Certified Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author and, Entrepreneur that has developed multiple platforms to meet the needs and demands of professionals everywhere. With her robust experience in strategic planning, instructional design & Training, technical writing, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching and, Public Speaking she is helping individuals, small businesses, and organizations to conceptualize their ideas and formulate strategies of execution. As a keynote speaker & Coach, LaQuinte' provides expertise in the areas of; personal development, strategic planning, and concept execution. As the founder and President of the Academy of Visions, LaQuinte' offers resources to help take your life, ideas and platforms to the next level.


Mission Statement 


Our mission is to create a resourceful platform for individuals who are ready to utilize their greatness, to develop innovative ways to grow, shift, and rebrand their endeavors. 


Our Students & Clients


Our students consist of; aspiring entrepreneurs, authors, leaders, speakers, coaches, influencers, small businesses & large corporations.