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Academy of Visions is committed to providing our clients with the resources needed to take their life and vision to the next level!!
Discover the Rewards of Becoming a part of the Academy of Visions


About Academy Of Visions 

Academy Of Visions is designed to help individuals, small businesses, and, organizations who are looking for resources to assist them with taking their ideas, business to the next level. Academy Of Visions offers a variety of courses training, and workshops along with executive coaching to meet the unique needs of our students and clients.



Mission Statement 


The mission of Academy Of Visions is to dismantle the false narratives and barriers of minorities, by providing tools and resources to launch profitable businesses, cultivate leaders, in efforts to increase racial and social equity in America.


Our Clients


Our students consist of; aspiring entrepreneurs, authors, leaders, speakers, coaches, influencers, small businesses & large corporations. 

About the Founder


LaQuinte` Brinson, affectionately known as “Coach Q,” is the CEO of Academy Of Visions and Founder of The Break-Up. For nearly a decade, Coach Q has worked closely with entrepreneurs, executives, and high-profile clients to aid in their overall success. Her focus on personal and professional development has allowed her to help clients transform their personal lives while also enhancing their professional lives. Her coaching style reflects her belief that external success is fueled by internal maintenance.


Coach Q’s experience working with renowned clientele helps ensure an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect for all of her clients. It is her mission to help elevate the lives of every individual that she works with. She has earned a remarkable reputation for her unorthodox approach to transforming lives.


Her educational background includes; Bachelors of Science (Biology/Psychology), MPH (Master of Public Health,) and a Certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Having a solid educational background and robust experience has led her to create an environment where her clients can be both transparent and free. She assists her clients with dismantling the barrier of their past while simultaneously building the bridge to their destiny. 



We aspire to work with organizations that seeking to contribute to racial and social equity. As Academy Of Visions continues to grow it is our goal to assist individuals with taking their lives to the next level. The goal is to help sponsor workshops for entrepreneurs, up and coming leaders and to provide coaching and mentorship to aid in their growth and development.

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