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We cannot continue business as usual and expect change regarding racial equity. Academy of Visions, Leadership Development Program was launched to evoke change by equipping our future leaders with the tools needed to change generational outcomes in the corporate sector.


Academy of visions is working to partner with Universities across the U.S. in efforts to prepare the next generation to dismantle the statistics that are contributing to racial disparity.

Our Leadership Development program is focused on addressing and dismantling racial disparities in corporate America.


  • Black women are the most educated group in the U.S

  • 62% of manager positions are held by males and 38% of manager positions are held by women.

  • The representation of black men in senior-level positions is causing an increase in pay disparities.

  • Black women earn 38% less than white men (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

  • Less than 10% of black women hold an executive position in corporate America

  • 9% of women of color are managers/directors. 7% are VP’s and only 4% make up SVP’s.

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